January 28, 2023
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Hot! DavidBartonGym and GapFit Want You to Look Better Naked

Like many people, I started the year with resolutions. However, unlike many, my resolutions do not include a promise to workout or join the gym. Anything that involves extraneous physical activity is essentially (for the most part) always off my list. If you were to see me running – you will know why, this is the way it is has to be. Still when I received an invitation to attend DavidBartonGym’s GetFit class and try GapFit’s workout wear, I agreed.

The GetFit class, as you would expect from anything that aims to make you “LookBetterNaked,” is a “no pain, no gain,” type of deal. An uber fit trainer (read: ripped) lead a 45-minute class through-I can’t feel a thing for two days-workout.  GetFit targets three muscle groups; it also uses medium to heavy weights, multiple sets and active recovery segments. The technique and along with GapFit’s (the clothes are incredible cool and feel wonderful) workout pieces help you forget you are about to die. Therefore you can complete the routine without feeling like a total failure.

The GetFit class is available at DavidBartonGym. And, should you want to take the class but are fearful you won’t be able to keep up, feel free to e-mail me or tweet me . I will join you because no matter badly you think you are going to do, I will do worse.  I care and I am willing to sacrifice my pride for your health. That’s just how I roll.

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