January 28, 2023
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Hot! Never Too Early to Start Planning for Spring Break Right? Here are Tips Hosting a Kick Ass Party

Spring Break Road Sign with Dramatic Clouds and Sky

College parties can be wild and wonderful affairs. There are usually a few key ingredients to the party punch – sunshine, a great location, a pool and/or sea, and enough music to keep the event going into the early hours. Oh, and food and drink. Lots of it.

Here are the stages to follow to create the perfect party environment:

Find your venue and date early

If a group of you are holding a joint bash then between you there should be access to an ideal base. That might be at the college itself, it might be at a parent’s house. No matter what, get the date out there early, and establish the theme. Your odds of a good turnout increase greatly if you factor in a free drink on receipt of the invite.


Let’s take the beach theme. Your first job is to find the correct music, and here’s where you can harvest your connections to get a local DJ or band on board, who will get free drinks for the evening.

Will it be Caribbean style, or perhaps a Hawaiian Luau? Decide early because you’re going to be hunting for props from boot sales and online auctions. Don’t go overboard with the money, as most will end up lost, destroyed or stolen. Award a prize for the best costume, be it hula girl, Maori warrior or a spring break outfit from Morph Costumes; a prize for best inflatable, and so on. Make sure a photo booth is in place loaded with ridiculous props.

A local butcher can help you order a hog, and might know someone who can cook it for you on the beach as well. Do your research into the food beforehand, and think about where you’re going to store it; as a minimum you’ll need fruit, seafood, beer, and iced water. Don’t be afraid to ask for a pot of cash beforehand from participants if you’re struggling. Here’s our favorite celeb chef Rachael Ray with a few hints on throwing a Luau.

Pool parties are much the same with a few modifications – you’ll need a pool, for a start. Part of the bargain has to be clearing up! The food might be a little more varied, maybe some Italian and Japanese as well. Again, plan the inflatables and bring plenty of chairs.

A garden party is an altogether more genteel affair…yeah, right. As long as the music is right the rest of it will fall into place. A smart dress code and gazebos (in case the rain falls) are nice touches. Prepare lashings of strong punch and good food, but the key is not to overspend. Ask guests to bring their own cocktails for a competition that will never be forgotten – well, until the later glasses, anyway. For inspiration for 2015, Morning Advertiser says that beer cocktails and craft sodas will be big….

And if the weather is bad, have a contingency plan in place – no-one will be angry at crowding into a few rooms for circumstances beyond the organizers’ control. The key to a spring party is fine company, alcohol, music and food – get those right and the rest will take care of itself.


This post was written for Louise Wood for promotional consideration.

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