October 18, 2018

Hot! Snowed In? Here are Ten Fashion Movies To Watch To Get Through.

Stuck at home for the storm wasn’t? Grab your vino or a cocktail (its never too early right?) and kick back with these fashion films.

Christian Dior, the Man behind the Myth
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Devil wears Prada

Take a gander through one of the world fashion's greatest name-- Valentino

Take a virtual waltz through the world of Christian Dior with this movie.

Learn about the world of fashion in this short film.

If you haven't seen this movie. You must. See the history of Coco Chanel from her humble beginnings to her rise to fashion fame.

Bill Cunningham is kinda face behind street style photographer. Watch this movie to learn everything you've ever wanted to learn about him.

Get a sneak peek at the inner workings of the ultimate fashion magazine Vogue .

Ever wonder what goes behind the scenes during fashion week? This movie offers a window into the secret world of the Tents

Reason 1 to watch this movie-- this quote: "Oh, please... it's just- I don't know- drizzling [thunderclap]... someone must be getting out. Call Donatella. Get her jet. Call everybody else that we know that has a jet- Irv?- Call every- This is your responsibi- THIS IS YOUR JOB!- Get-me-HOME!

Sure -- why not get Halloween costume ideas and kill time? WIN WIN

If you're looking for inspiration from a fashion icon. Take a look at this movie at this movie. Diana is on of a kinda

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