February 5, 2023
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Hot! About that BluPrint Cleanse…


I am not one to make New Year resolutions. And, that’s because I tend to create unattainable goals. However, after many failed attempts, I’ve learned the importance of creating achievable goals. This year, I vowed to cut my daily intake of bread. The current love affair I have with the yummy treat must come to an end. It makes me feel sluggish. I also recently started to get this slight headache a few hours after I eat bread. In light of my observations, I decided to get my body used to living with a lot less bread or other unhealthy things. And, I decided to clean my “jump start” the change with a cleanse.

As luck would have it, my friend Lara of Pretty Connected was also in the process starting a cleanse. So we decided to do the cleanse together. BluePrint, offered both of us the opportunity to try their three day cleanse. This is the middle of the road option. It is for those people who have juiced in the past.



Anyways, about the cleanse, the first (and probably only struggle) was just getting used to a different way of getting my nutrients. Instead of chewing, I was drinking ALL OF THE TIME. And, it wasn’t because the juices were tasteless because they weren’t I am just slow drinker. But because I was drinking a lot of fluids, I spent a lot of my time in the bathroom. It made me feel like I was getting rid of all the bad stuff; so, I didn’t have a problem with the constant visits.

Now, cleansing wasn’t easy. I thought about food A LOT. Pretty much all of the time. I smelt food more accurately than I’ve had in the past. That was hard. Juicing did get easier as the days progressed, especially since I was sleeping so well. I also found new that I haven’t had in a while. I am more focused. Its really interesting to me what three days can do to the body.


Lara and I both noticed that when people find out you are on a cleanse they are either very interested or very confused. Either way here are some of the questions that I got from people once they found out I was doing a cleanse.


Was it hard to do cleanse?
Heck yea, it wasn’t easy. The first few hours or every time one of my friends posted an instagram from brunch, I got irrationally angry. I also missed the feeling of chewing foods. But after you juice three, it get easier and it doesn’t feel as bad.

How do juices taste? 
Lara and I did the Foundation Cleanse and those were really delicious. In fact, I became a fan of to the cashew milk (6). I always felt really full after drinking it. So, I never went to bed hungry.

How did you feel while you were doing?
Perfectly fine. I developed a routine that worked for me. For instance, I found that pouring the juices into cups helped me drink them faster. In the bottle I sipped them so I was spending my time just drinking.

Did you crack?
Sadly, I did. But, in my defense it was two forkful of salads. (Also, how sad that I cracked and ate salad?)

Did you notice a difference?
Yes, I did. But, not in the ways you might expect. I am in insomnia and always have had problems hitting the hay but when I was on the cleanse, I was able to sleep without any problems. I didn’t feel as sluggish in the morning as I normally do. And, a week after my skin feels smoother.

Did you lose weight?
Not really! But, I am already at a healthy weight so dropping the lbs wasn’t a factor for me.

I want to try the cleanse, what are some tips you can share?
Do it with a buddy! When Lara was about to crack or when I was about to crack, we would text each other messages of encouragement to keep going. It truly helped having Lara to text in the moments when I wanted eat some of the food people around me were eating.

Would you do it again?
Last week, when I was finished my answered would have been a flat no. However, now that a week has passed my answer is now: yes I would. I am love how my body feels.

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