July 15, 2018

Hot! [Sponsored Post] Ode To Beautiful Shoes

Many years ago after Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpsondivorced, my very good friend made me promise that I would never buy (or wear) anything from Jessica Simpson’s growing empire of fashion and lifestyle staples.  Since, my friend was obviously emotional about the breakup I agreed. And besides, (I thought) there’s no way I would ever wear anything from the singer’s collection.
Oh how I wrong I was. Sadly I broke my promise but it was all in the name of fashion. You see I fell in love a with a pair of leopard print booties from Jessica Simpson’s shoe collection.  The shoes were so trendy and affordable that they beckoned me to buy them so I did.  I received so many compliments, was so comfortable and I felt and looked like a million bucks.
Since then, I’ve developed a sort of appreciation for Jessica and her amazing selection of charming shoes.Jessica Simpson Shoes are so incredibly trendy, fashionable and best of all priced at within the reach of many.  From super cool flats, to stylish heels, to adorable boots and booties, the selection is vast and impressive. So whether you are busy working gal or someone who just wants look her best the selection is such that there’s something in there for you.
Below a few of my favorites
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