January 30, 2023
займ срочно

Hot! Shoegasm: VOLTAGE Haute Chaussure Iris Van Heppen × United Nude

United Nude, partnership with designer has led to Iris Van Heppen to some marvelous works of arts. As seen here and here. Though, we sadly, can not afford the shoes, we just can’t seem to get enough. Luckily of us, there’s a new design coming soon. For her fourth shoe collab with United Nude, designer Iris Van Heppen, “explores the idea of electricity and the light it creates.” As you see the result is an asymmetrical  design with spikes that exudes confidence.

The shoe was presented with her Haute Couture collection in Paris. The show included a peformance from New Zealand artist Carlos Van Camp who garnered fame for creating “The Lords of Lightning,” an innovative show that depicts two fighters exchanging real  lightning with three million volts running through their bodies.


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