January 27, 2022
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Hot! Alessandra Ambrosio Hosts “Secret Moments” Launch Party

Victoria Secret had a small preview event to promote new fragrance lines– “Secret Moments,’ inspired by you guessed it: “Secret Moments.”  The line was inspired by “the link between scent and memory” and the  memories that it triggers which “are much more stronger than those provoked by sight or sound”  you know it feeling that “we’ve all experienced it: A whiff of scent and we’ve overcome with vivid emotion” and we relive that special moment over and over again.

The scents are lovely and they do remind me of a different season or sensation,which I really loved. Adrienne Bailon who was in attendance also loved the line, she tweeted, “I’m obsessed with Victoria’s Secret’s new fragrance Secret Moments!!!” You aren’t the only, Adrienne. I am not kidding when I say that I had a difficult time narrowing my favorite scent as they all had this a strong smell without being overpowering yet sweet and flavorful. Though, I loved the story behind ROOM 504–“sultry hotel Room you two never wanted to leave,” and which inspired entire line. I mean, with a naughty story like how could one NOT be interested? Seriously.

Adrienne Bailon and Erin Lucas

In addition  to Adrienne Bailon, other notable guests included Alessandra Ambrosio who by the way is GINORMOUS, as in really tall, and I am pretty tall and I still had to look up at her. Christian Siriano (I didn’t take the opportunity to tell him I love his payless shoe line and that I was in fact wearing my devotion on my feet — sucker. Erin Lucas and her entourage were also on hand as was spotted writing her very own “Secret Moment.”

Secret Moments Line:

Room 504— “An evening of “DO NOT Disturb.” A morning of lingering kisses. A sultry blend of Amber and Passion-fruit.”

At First Sight— “It was love at At First Sight. Butterflies in your stomach. Hands blush. Electricity. And then, the kiss, a romance of Violet and Bergamot.”

Island Escape— “Take an Island Escape. Crystal Blue Water tickles the toes. Sun Warns bare skin. A breath of fresh ocean air mixed with beachy Coconut and Sugarcane.”

Girls Night— “Slip into your hottest heels and get ready to dance all night. Talk, laugh, remember why they’re your best friends. Girls Night, electric with Pink Peony and Waterlily.”

Good Sunshine— “Happiness is in the little things: Blue skies. Pink shoes. A Good hair day. Add Bright Peach and Blue Freesia, and its Good Day Sunshine!”

Each signature scent also is available:
Sheer Fragrance Mist, $12
Daily Moisture Body Lotion, $10
Nourishing Body Cream, $12
Daily Body Wash, $10

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Christian Siriano and Alessandra Ambrosio

Unless otherwise noted images are courtesy of Thaddeus Rombauer.

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