July 23, 2018

Hot! Kleinfeld Celebrates 70th Anniversary with Brides Magazine, TLC…

This week, Brides and TLC celebrated the sixth season of Say Yes to the Dress and Kleinfeld’s 70th anniversary in a fantastic reception at the 20th street Klienfeld store. “This is our best season yet,” said host Randi Fenoli.

Guests were treated to a special viewing: clips featuring the best of Say Yes to the Dress, amid a Speakeasy martini bar, savory hors d’oeuvres from Shiraz Events and special “Say Yes” cocktails: vodka, white cranberry juice, St. Germain, and club soda. Yum! As well, Georgetown Cupcakes of TLC’s DC Cupcake provided lovely mini cupcakes, and guests buzzed around the Sweet Spot candy bar! That’s right ladies. A bar of candy! Delightful!

Kleinfeld’s provided an elegant modern-day interpretation of royal wedding dresses of the past, and guests participated in a raffle contest guessing which dress Kate (season six) would “say yes” to. What a difficult choice to make among such a stunning selection of gowns! “It’s the most important dress a woman will ever wear. That moment when a girl becomes a woman – I am happy to be a part of that,” explained Fenoli. Fantastic!

To top it all off, guests were treated to a gift of a “royal cookie” bearing the picture of Prince William and fiancée Kate Middleton.

Check out this season’s Say Yes to the Dress on TLC Fridays at 9p/8p central.

More images below (via Kleinfeld facebook)

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Melanie Meadows

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