November 26, 2022
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Hot! Enjoy a Cosy Hygge Style Winter


Media reports tell us that Danish people are the happiest  in the world and looking at their concept of Hygge that is easy to believe. While the rest of us are out there, forcing ourselves to struggle with gale force winds and snow storms, they are making a comfortable nest for themselves at home.  While the rest of us contend with the elements they retreat into the intimacy of their cosy, hygge-inspired rooms. We could all use some Hygge and cosy up like the Danes do while Winter batters the outside world.

But what is this Hygge, pronounced hoo-gah? It is a concept of making your home and yourself comfortable during the Winter months. Your home becomes a cosy den while Winter ravages outside and you enjoy the dreary months, safe in the cocoon you have created for yourself and your friends. 

How to Create a Hygge Style home

An open fire with blazing logs is the first and most important feature of your Hygge style Winter. To enjoy the Winter, as the Danes do, you need a log fire that you can stretch your feet in front of, you need the smell of burning wood in your nostrils and the comforting glow of flames counteracting all that Winter is delivering beyond your hall door.

Comfortable Clothes will add to your Hygge Experience

Lazing in front of a log fire is not the place to wear your designer gear or your fitted work clothes. No, this is a place for casuals. Think leisure wear, pajamas or if your budget allows, cashmere. Study the range of cashmere pants and tops available and imagine yourself as a cool Northern European lounging in front of that fire.

And your choice of outfit for your Hygge Winter doesn’t stop at tops and bottoms. Socks are an essential part of this lounging at home lifestyle, They will transport you comfortably throughout the house, cutting down on the need to don a pair of outdoor shoes. But make sure they are cheerful, brightly colored with playful designs to raise your spirits throughout those bleak months.

And speaking of socks maybe it is time to mention slippers. You may need to feel the comfort of footwear as you walk from kitchen to lounge. If so, you may want to opt for something cosy and fluffy. Sheepskin slippers maybe or a pair of fluffy mules? As long as they make you feel comfortable and your feet toasty then you are doing Hygge!

Warm Drinks and Rich Chocolate

Warm, comforting drinks are all part of the Hygge routine. Forget about the Sancerre or Chablis. Hot chocolate is what this lifestyle calls for. Stock up on your favorite brand and don’t forget the marshmallows. Some chocolates to accompany your drink are not mandatory but could add to the enjoyment.

Do Invest in Candles

Candles are essential if you are proposing to spend your nights in Hygge style. The glow of candles will create a soothing atmosphere much better than harsh lighting will do. Better still if the candle is scented. But be careful. Not all candle scents may appeal to you so ensure you choose a brand that will please your sense of smell.

And  Blankets

Theoretically blankets are for the bedroom, but if a Danish winter is on your bucket list, then blankets for your living space are essential. With the wide array of colours and designs out there you are sure to find blankets to drape over your couch when you are not lounging and to curl up in when the fire is lit and the hot chocolate ready. Purchase a few for your friends to use when they call round.

Enjoy a Hygge Style Night In

Not every night of Winter can be spent solo in your cashmere. Winters are long and the need for companionship during those dark months is strong. And Hygge also means intimacy, bringing your friends into your most personal surroundings. Invite them round, and perhaps even enjoy some card games as they snuggle under their blankets with their laptops and that delicious chocolate. And keep the log basket well stocked to feed that blazing fire!

Enjoy your Hygge Winter!


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