February 4, 2023
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Hot! Worst Fashion Faux Pas Nurses Can Commit


Even though nurses are not commonly known as fashionistas, looking your best while on the job is still very important as a patient’s first impression will dictate how comfortable they are with you. When you win the patient’s trust your job will be much easier and more enjoyable.

Here are 7 of the worst fashion faux pas that you should ensure you never commit.

1. Stained Scrubs

One of the top ten characteristics of a nurse is attention to detail. Therefore it’s important that you always present with a fresh, clean uniform when attending to your patients.

We all know that nursing is not the cleanest profession as tending to patients can mean that you may get splashed with things like blood or other unsightly looking liquids. Having a stained uniform looks both unprofessional as well as unhygienic so ensure that you always have a spare with you at work in case you need to get changed.

2. Avoid V-Necks

Unfortunately V-necks do not suit everyone especially if you have a larger bust size. Showing off your cleavage is definitely a no-no while working with patients.

3. Avoid Uniforms Which are Too Tight

When working in a hospital and caring for patients you need to wear clothes which are loose fitting and easy to move in. You’ll be bending over a lot as well as reaching up high. Scrubs which are too tight do not only restrict your movement but they really don’t look very professional either.

4. Avoid Low-Waist Pants

Although low-waist jeans can look great when you’re out and about on the weekend, wearing low-waist pants as a nurse is a different story. Imagine all the times you need to bend over! Do you really want your patients to see what color underwear you’re wearing?

5. Dirty Hair and Nails

Nurses are regarded as having high standards of professionalism and hygiene. It’s one of the top best qualities of a nurse. Ensure that you always present yourself in a clean and tidy way while working with patients. Make sure your hair and nails are clean and that your uniform is freshly laundered. The same goes for your shoes. For male nurses it’s also important to shave regularly. A three day growth may be cool when you’re hanging with your friends but looks highly unkempt in a hospital environment. If you have a beard, make sure it’s clean and well trimmed.

6. Displaying Your Tattoos

Tattoos are becoming more and more fashionable but some people can still get offended by them. As a nurse, it’s important to look clean and professional and tattoos really do not contribute to this image. Try to keep them covered as much as possible.

7. Avoid Heavy Make-up

Use makeup sparingly and certainly don’t overdo it with lots of color and fake eyelashes. Try to create a natural look while still accentuating your best features. This takes a little practice but will certainly add to your overall professional image.

Having a clean and professional image while you’re on the job need not be difficult or over complicated. Just keep in mind that nursing is a well respected profession and patients expect nurses to not only act in a kind, compassionate and professional manner but they should also present in a manner which reflects this. By avoiding the above 7 fashion faux pas, you should be able to project a professional image while still looking fabulous.

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