March 31, 2023
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Hot! Get the Look: Julianne Hough at the 2013 Golden Globes

Julianne Hough

Julianne Hough definitely gets brownie points for her daring style choice for this year’s Golden Globes. One thing is for sure… every part of her ensemble stood out in some way, from her swan-like Monique Lhullier gown and buggy (literally – her earrings and ear cuff contained actual insects inside) Daniella Villegas jewelry. And the hair… we couldn’t keep our eyes off how sharply her edgy updo contrasted her dress.

Riawna Capri of Nine Zero One Salon sculpted Julianne’s look with a suite of UNITE Hair Care products to up the texture and volume of the final look. Dare to try this at home (presumably for a night out)?

Part 1: Prep
UNITE’s Blonda Shampoo & Condition was used to brighten the tone of Julianne’s hair, followed by a generous amount of 7SECONDS Condition, which detangles and conditions. This step in the preparation purposely made Julianne’s hair super slippery to ensure that some hair fell out of the updo to “add to the edginess.”

1-3 inches from the roots, apply EXPANDA Volume while hair is still damp. Then brush with a rounded brush. Once hair is dry, sprinkle EXPANDA Dust throughout the root area.

Riawna started in the back using small, horizontal sections on the top of Julianne’s head, backcombing her hair 1-2 inches from the scalp to create instant volume. She then continued forward to the hairline leaving out the final front section. The final backcombed “mohawk” was clipped out of the way.

Part 2: Sides
For added texture and volume, gently tease the sides. Create a natural part in the hair on both sides near the temple area, then split each into a top and bottom section. Twist each section into the back towards the nape, pull into a small ponytail, and pin.

Part 3: Top
Starting with the front 3 inches of the top section, Riawna twisted Julianne’s hair over towards the left and pinned in place. The second section was then alternated to twist toward the right side and pinned in place. The alternating sections continued until the top section was complete creating a “twisted mohawk.”

After this was complete, she sprinkled the EXPANDA Dust on areas that still needed more texture, pulled the hair slightly with her fingers and rubbed the strands together to make them wispy.

Last step! SESSION-Max Hairspray and SHINA-Mist held Julianne’s hair in place all evening and gave it a boost of shine.

Products are available at
Blonda Shampoo, $26.25
BLONDA Condition, $28.75
7SECONDS Condition, $26.25
EXPANDA Volume, $27.50
EXPANDA Dust, $26.25
Session Max Hairspray, $29.95

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