December 8, 2022
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Hot! Try a Dyson next time you need a vacuum

Nothing says technological progress quite like a laser, so what better inclusion to the Dyson V15 Detect model? 

Advances in technology

The latest superstar when it comes to Dyson sales in Australia, this clever vacuum has a laser incorporated in the cleaning end. Because this vacuum is primarily designed for hard floors, the futuristic green laser serves an efficient goal: to illuminate dust particles in the way of the vacuum. It can pick up the tiniest specks of dust – even down to 10 microns, almost the size of certain cells in the body – basically microscopic! This smart laser head calculates the required suction power based on the number of dust particles it detects. Займ на карту онлайн.

The unit also includes the High Torque cleaner, which can work on hard and soft floors. Gone are the days of vacuuming the same spot over and over, feeling like it’s not making a difference. Thanks to the acoustic piezo sensor in this cleaning head, a fantastic thing happens while vacuuming. The vibrations from the dust that enters the machine are converted into electric signals, which tallies how much stuff you’ve sucked up with the vacuum. 

Let’s look at the V11 Absolute Cordless 

This stalwart of any Dyson sale never fails to deliver the goods. Offering excellent performance in both modes (boost and auto) and a clear display showing battery life, the superb machine picks up at an astounding level on both hard floors and carpets. Only one drawback: despite (or perhaps because of!) this excellent performance, the battery life is not much more than 12 minutes at a time.

Also offering an auto mode, the suction levels can adapt as the unit moves from carpets to hard flooring and back again. This adaptive suction helps to save battery life, where a little can go a long way. This machine can also be used as a handheld unit, but if that is your priority, you might want to consider the V10 Absolute instead, as it weighs a bit less.

What should I look out for when buying a vacuum cleaner?

The vacuum you buy will depend on your home environment – how big your home is, what the surfaces are made of, what suction power you prefer, whether you are loyal to any brand or manufacturer in particular, and so on. Although it is possible to find a cheaper vacuum that can offer decent performance, you should then take them for what they are, not in comparison to something several times the price range.

When you scan the media for a decent Dyson vacuum sale remember to consider factors like the size of the machine (do you have the capacity to store it safely out of sight?), the cost of the unit, what it weighs (are you capable of lugging a heavy machine around, or would something more lightweight be better?), what the maintenance requirements are, whether it offers any form of air filtering or allergy reduction, and so on.

There are hundreds out there – which brand is the best?

Well-known and reputable brands have become that based on their products’ reliability, after-sales service, and the durability of their machines. A good vacuum at a reasonable price from a known manufacturer is the sweet spot you would ideally aim for. This does not mean that smaller brands should be excluded from your search, as many offer machines that come with performance merit. However, these may be more expensive, as the manufacturer might not have the mass-production capacity that allows the more prominent brands to keep their prices low.
Keep an eye out for a Dyson vacuum sale near you. Check online forums, community groups and reviews to help you make up your mind.

What is a good suction power for my new vacuum?

100 Air watts and above is a good average. This, along with the right tools and attachments, will give you a comparable clean. The size of the suction head also makes a difference, as 100 Air watts distributed over a longer or a shorter cleaning head behaves differently.

What is the best vacuum money can buy?

“Best” is relative – if it is the best fit for your needs but doesn’t suit someone else’s needs at all, that doesn’t make the vacuum bad. Your best bet is to choose a brand that specialises in vacuum cleaners.
You might also discover that some brands improve over time – consider the cordless Dysons of the latest generation that are as strong as their corded counterparts from a previous generation.

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