October 19, 2018

Hot! Spotlight on Beauty: Browhaus

Browhaus is not your typical eye brow sculpting salon. This little gem, located in Nolita, boast eye brow sculpting for the ‘beautifully brow challenged’ (like me) and offers guests a luxurious beautifying experience while doing so.

The super fancy salon offers guests services unheard of most typical brow salons, one of which is “brow Resurrection,” a semi-Permanent brow enhancement, that lasts up to two years. And, that’s not all that sets Browhaus apart from the competition – this grooming locate prides itself on their staff – the “Architects” or “Eye Therapists.” These technicians are trained to take “into consideration” all the elements of a face before plucking and the result are perfectly manicure brows (I know because I had amazing brows after my session). The skilled technicians along with the warm and welcoming atmosphere perhaps explain why beauty editors love it there but won’t tell you, they want all the beauty to themselves -haters.  That said, the secret is out!

Browhaus, founded in by 2004 by Cynthia Chua in 2004, was the first total concept brow grooming salon when it opens its doors in Singapore since then company has expanded but only recently its door in New York City. We urge to get pretty there. Here’s a look at their services:

Brow Construction – Tweezing, Threading, and Color Tweaking, that results in cleaner, more shapely, and more defined brows for both women and men.

Brow Resurrection (Semi-Permanent Brow Enhancement) – This signature treatment re-constructs brows from root to tip. For brows that are sparse or lack definition, or brows that are overplucked or unbalanced, this revolutionary procedure is transformative: beautiful 3D, life-like brows like you once had, or never had before.

Lash in Bloom – Natural lashes are lengthened and thickened with the addition of naturally curvy, shiny, and glossy lashes. Individually applied, the lashes come in various lengths and thicknesses to construct long-lasting lashes that

open up the eyes.

Eye Define – This long-lasting solution to smudges and pencils and running mascara is a time-saver. Expertly executed, a thin line is created between the eyelashes in the right color and shape to enhance the lash line.

Lip Define – This attractive permanent lip liner transforms a thin, pale, or unshapely mouth, but defining and correcting lip shape, filling in color, or plumping up thin or small lips for the perfect pout. Defining lips will the perfect shape solves lipstick woes—no more barren lips, just natural youthful color all day, every day.

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