March 31, 2023
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Hot! Simple Ways to Avoid the Gym and Still Get Your Sweat On


Many of us center our New Year’s Resolutions around fitness, whether for over-all health, to shed some unwanted holiday pounds, or to get that chiseled body we’ve been coveting. Unfortunately, by January, gyms are crowded and sometimes unpleasant places to be. Having to fight for a machine at the gym is never fun. Mundane workout routines also often discourage one from reaching their long term fitness goals. So we compiled a few alternatives to help you pursue your New Year’s fitness resolution while avoiding the gym and having some fun!

Pole Fitness
Rock Climbing
30 Day Challenge

Ever considered taking a kickboxing class or two? It’s a fun way to pursue an aerobic workout that increases endurance, stamina, and self-defense skills. Why not kick your way to better health and that beach body you’ve been coveting? Check out NYC’s UFC Gym and get your kickboxing on!

Pole fitness is all the rage, so why not spice up your workout routine and take a few pole dancing classes? You can get in touch with your inner sexy beast while learning some fun new dance skills. Improve your strength and endurance, tone your abs, arms, and legs, all while sporting the sexiest exercise gear you’ll ever wear! Check out Sfactor for fabulous choice of classes ranging from single classes to 8-week series. You can even join a retreat!

Up for a little adventure? Rock on with some indoor rock climbing! This workout will boost your upper body strength while helping you make some adventurous friends. Check out the Sports Center at Chelsea Piers for classes in indoor rock climbing ranging from $25 to $50 per session.

Looking for some motivation from other fitness enthusiasts with your exercise interests? Why not join a sports team?! Go traditional with softball or soccer, or try something new like dodgeball or innertube water polo. This is a great way to get a full body workout, build teamworking skills, and make a slew of friends. Try for some fantastic seasonal opportunities to join a sports team.

Want to ease into your workout routine this year? How about starting with a simple 30 Day Fitness Challenge? It’s a great way to begin shaping, toning, and learning new exercises. Each challenge gives you a chance to boost your skills on one or more exercises, gradually increasing in intensity day by day over the course of 30 days. These are simple, but effective exercises that can be done in your own living room and take only 5 - 30 minutes per day. That means you can even choose to add them to your workout routine! Check out more and get the app at!

Dancing allows you to forget your troubles, escape reality, have fun, and drop the pounds easily.

Running, especially outdoors, is easy. You're more likely to run a farther distance and enjoy doing so. Running also offers a different way to sweat that doesn't involve sharing your space with people with questionable hygiene habits.

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