July 19, 2018

Hot! Look Good and Stay in Shape, Even Without The Gym

There’s nothing wrong with having a go-to gym routine. However, if the freshness of the new year has you looking for ways to look good and stay in shape that don’t necessarily depend on just the gym, you’re not alone! Check out our TFR tested and approved tips for staying active and healthy in ways that you may not have considered before.

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Bet no one will tell you this at the gym! Ever get frustrated when you’re crunched for time and have someplace to be, but find your hair is left in a mess after a workout? Warren-Tricomi Salons’ Edward Tricomi has a fun tip for maintaining your blowout - all you need is a pair of black (we prefer opaque) stockings and a pair of scissors.

Cut up the tights to use as a make-shift headband, using the remaining pieces to tie your hair up into a ponytail. The material will not only leave your hair free of those annoying indentation marks, but also helps absorb perspiration at the hairline while you’re breaking a sweat.

Who said you have to sacrifice style? You may be used to working out in your roomy sweatpants and loose alma mater t-shirts, but consider investing in a workout wardrobe that speaks to your usual style. Purchasing items that may be a bit pricier than that t-shirt you’ve had for forever will not only help you commit to wearing them (aka commit to actually working out) but will also boost your morale while you’re exercising. Face it, when you look good, you’ll feel good!

Try these on for size: SPANX’s Active collection has something for everyone, whether you prefer layering your look or wearing this Shaping Compression Knee Pant on its own when you go for your run.

Plus, with SPANX, you’ll get the added benefits of material that feels great against your skin and firming shapewear that flatters your curves even while you’re in the process of exercising.

Try something new. Physically, the body simply gets complacent when it gets used to being subjected to the same regimen over and over. Well, remember how fun it was as a kid to hula hoop?

Hooping strengthens your core muscles, targeting the abdominals for toning. As an aerobic exercise, hooping can burn up to 110 calories in 8 minutes! It’s easy to do, and depending on the space available to you can be done both indoors and outdoors.

We took a class with renowned fitness expert Loren Bidner in Central Park while the weather was still warm, and phew, was it a workout! Learn more about Hoop Class (weighted hoops are also available for purchase and customization).

Clip on a pedometer at the start of each day. It’s a rather small investment and will help you track how many steps you actually get each day. Many health and fitness experts (including celeb fitness specialist Harley Pasternak, who’s helped Megan Fox, Katy Perry, Lady GaGa, and Rihanna get their bods red-carpet ready) recommend setting the goal of walking 10,000 steps a day, although most 9-5 office workers seem to need a little help in reaching this target.

While you’re in the office, make conscious choices throughout the day to be more active. Instead of depending on the elevator, consider taking the stairs. Try to budget your commute time accordingly - you can get a bunch of extra steps in by getting off one subway stop early and taking a brisk walk to your destination. Next time your colleague suggests going on a coffee break, propose using that time to take a stroll while you talk - sip and go instead of sitting down the entire time.

Brave the crowds of tourists and go ice skating. Whether at Citi Pond in Bryant Park or Rockefeller Center, get your skate on before the season is over.

You’ll forget you’re working out while you’re gliding around the rink with your sweetie or out on the ice with the girls (post-happy hour recommended); plus, it’ll give you a chance to enjoy the best of the winter season and breathe in some fresh air.

For a limited time, snag this sweet deal from Gilt City for lunch/dinner and skating at Citi Pond (sale ends Friday, 1/11!).

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