February 1, 2023
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Hot! Hot Beauty Buy: PaloVia At-Home Skin Renewing Laser System

How many times have you wondered whether there was a way to get laser treatments at home to improve the look of wrinkles around the eye area? Okay, maybe the thought never crossed your mind but thanks to PaloVia At-Home Skin Renewing Laser System ($499) you don’t have wonder whether such a product exist – it does.

The PaloVia At-Home Skin Renewing Laser System is the first clinically proven at home and FDA approved laser system, that safely reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes.

The do-it-yourself laser works by delivering short pulses, which feel like a mild prick, of micro-fine laser light to the eye area. The laser beam then penetrates into the skin’s deeper layers and help stimulate the skin by enhancing collagen production. This process with continued use (just three to four minutes a day for one month), according to the makers, will result in younger and healthier looking skin.
Using the product is fairly straightforward – on clean skin apply the laser. What’s more the systems features a safety measure to prevent you from “over doing it.” Essentially, the machine will automatically stop working after you’ve met your daily allotted time and will not work for another 24 hours. Basically, the system is geared for just about anyone and have no fear – if you decide to do use it you are not likely to damage your skin.

Available at QVC
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