May 8, 2021
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Hot! Fancy or Crazy: Jeremy Scott Adidas “Teddy Bear” Sneakers

As some of you may – I love my stilettos, the higher the better, even though I probably should not wear them as much as I do. Heck, I didn’t even own flats or sneakers until recently so its surprising that I am oddly intrigued by the Jeremy Scott x Adidas Originals “Teddy Bear” sneakers. Call me crazy but there’s something amusing about wearing teddy bear sneakers. Don’t you think? Sure, you do!

I first spotted these kicks on Lil Wayne, who despite his troubles with the law and risque lyrics holds a special place in my heart, after seeing him in them, I knew that I had to search for the maker. At $328 these special edition teddy bears sneaks don’t come cheap but still it takes a truly daring person to wear them with confidence. As you would image it takes a lot to be that cool but Lil Wayne does it effortlessly.

Now you be the judge – are these kicks fancy or crazy?

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  1. Seriously!!!!

  2. Uh, crazy. I feel bad for the Teddy Bear that they skinned to make these shoes, and equally bad for the idiot that wears them.

  3. These shoes are so redonkulous they make the word redonkulous look normal !!!!! Save these shoes for the kiddies and sale them in chinatown. If I see a grown man wearing these and sagging his pants…I will just scream…just scream . Lil Wayne do you really want to start this trend????? -Two Cents From Ellie

  4. MaryBethSchilling

    Only Lil Wayne could pull this off. <3