November 30, 2022
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Hot! Rewarding Careers in Beauty, Fashion or Health That Have that Feel-Good Factor

Finding a career or even just a job that’s fun to do or emotionally rewarding isn’t as easy as it sounds. When we’re at school, we hope that we’ll end up in a profession that is interesting, but it doesn’t always work out that way.

Here are a few careers in the health, fashion, and beauty fields that offer some feel-good moments along the way.


Being a nurse is hugely rewarding because you’re dealing with patients who are often so sick that they need life-saving medical assistance to survive. Even when their lives are not in danger, patients can benefit greatly in pain-relieving medicine and

a caring disposition from nursing staff to feel better.

Studying an MSN online at Norwich University makes it possible to advance from an initial entry-level RN position in nursing up to a leadership, analytical or strategic managerial positions that affect the success of the healthcare organization. The master of science in nursing can be studied anywhere across the internet in pockets of spare time and doesn’t need regular campus attendance to complete the curriculum.

Nail Technician

The role of a nail technician is quite new. There always used to be ladies who were good at manicures, but painting nails has become an art in recent years with more and more elaborate designs. Nail design studios can offer custom artwork painted onto manicured nails with nail care services also provided too.

For women who enjoy being their own boss, they can graduate up to be the manager at the nail salon or open a business for themselves. They’re certainly able to visit customers at their work or home to complete a nail service and deal with any broken nail emergencies there, or receive customers in their home. Whether you want a job in a beauty-related profession or you feel you would make a good entrepreneur, being a nail technician is a great jumping off point.

Clothing Stylist

The clothing stylist acts as a consultant finding attractive garments that can be worn by public figures, famous celebrities, and by models on fashion shoots. Their role is to have their eye out for new fashion trends, to know the best wearable fashions coming from the fashion designers, and choose items that go together as an ensemble.

The role of a clothing stylist is often independent, but sometimes it is a full-time position. At other times, the role requires helping to select clothes for movies and TV productions or shows, whether it’s the latest fashions or a period look for productions set in the past that’s needed.

There are many jobs in health, beauty, and fashion that provide some enjoyment in an otherwise dull workday. When you can make other people happy with an ensemble look you’ve put together, paint their fingernails with a wonderful new design or help them back to full health, it just feels good when you go home at the end of a long day.



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