September 29, 2022
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Hot! How to Refresh Your Kitchen on a Budget

The years (and this one in particular) bring about so many life changes, that it is easy to get lost in the ever-changing, and overwhelming times. It is important to refresh and update the spaces we find ourselves in, when our life changes drastically. It allows us to get a fresh start or a new perspective. If you have been on a life-changing roller coaster lately, you may not have the budget to change things every time. Well, let’s see what things we can update and refresh in the kitchen, while keeping a budget in mind. 

Temporary decorations 

Removable wallpaper is a great way to freshen a space without breaking the bank. It isn’t as pricey as paint, rollers, brushes, painter’s tape, etc. that would be necessary to paint the entire space. Plus, you can get a cute design from Urban Outfitters and keep it on theme with the rest of your kitchen! There are so many different removable wallpaper options, it is going to be hard to choose just one. So… don’t! You can pick one for the statement wall, one for a tiled backsplash look, and maybe even one to mimic a marble countertop! The best part about these, is that you can switch them out whenever you deem it necessary because of their easy removability, and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to remove it all.

Hang new art

The kiddo (whether it be yours or otherwise) in your life is most definitely up to the task of creating art pieces. So why not ask them to make you a new piece of art to hang up in your place. You can get an inexpensive frame from a thrift store, or affix the art straight to the wall. And they most likely already have art supplies to make their masterpiece with, so it will probably cost close to nothing to get this new art in place. If you really want to get the most bang for your buck, ask whoever’s child you are borrowing if you can babysit them while you make the art. Then you are being paid to get new pieces to hang in your home. Talk about a good deal!

Affordable essentials

If you have busted and broken kitchen utensils, it’s time to upgrade them. A great place to start your search is over at OXO. Their tongs are affordable, functional, and cannot be beat. They are a great starter piece to get your kitchen drawers packed with the good stuff, without having to ask for a loan. Plus, they are a starter set that will actually last you! Just getting a few new utensils will make your kitchen feel like a new space, and they will make you want to get back into the kitchen more! OXO also guarantees that you will like your products. If you don’t for some reason, they will refund your money, or offer you a replacement! 

Use what you already have

Though this one may seem like an easy one, it is sometimes hard to see things with a new purpose. Using items like shoe boxes and upcycling them into organization bins is free to do and can utilize other items you already have on hand. Line the inside and outside with cardstock, construction paper, or even wrapping paper to give them a new look. Label them with markers or pens that you already own, and viola! Your kitchen will take on a whole new look!

Ask for help

 Throughout this year, most people have gone through their home and gotten rid of tons of things they didn’t need anymore. Just because they didn’t need it doesn’t mean it was old or damaged. Ask your friends and family if they have any kitchen items they are no longer using or are planning to get rid of! This is an easy way to score some items you wouldn’t normally buy for yourself, whether they are too expensive or you just weren’t sure they were right for you. Staying on a budget requires patience, dedication, and the want to live within your means. Though it can be difficult, it is definitely possible. We believe in you and we hope you are able to refresh your space soon!

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