June 6, 2023

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    Talk About Fancy Patron Debuts Limited-Edition Lalique Bottle

    For members of the elite 1% with a love for tequila, Patrón Tequila has a gift available for a rarefied few willing to spend $7,500. For the first time ever, the spirit giant teamed up with Lalique, a luxury crystal maker, to create

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    Let’s Chat About the Awesomeness That is Tequila & Cheese

    In my never-ending list of “what didn’t I think of this?,” I am adding why didn’t I think of pairing tequila (do these interesting facts about the spirit?) and cheese. Sure, wine and cheese pairings are common but this just never appealed to

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    TGIF Cocktail Recipe of the Day: Perfect Paloma

    In the market for a new tequila that will not only impress your friends but also has a distinct and flavorful taste that goes down smooth? Look no further than Dobel Tequila. The tequila, which is bottled and distilled in Jalisco,

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