September 21, 2021

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    Sobe LifeWater Round Six: Finale

    At 10:01,  my summer Friday’s( as I come to enjoy them) will no longer be the same. I am sad to report that Sobe Summer Fridays have officially come to an end.  I know this write-up has taken me longer

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    Sobe LifeWater Round Five: Fashion

    As you may know- Sobe Lifewater has had a party for several Friday’s this summer- each with a different theme.   This week is no different as the party continues.   This Friday’s event (also at Steven Weiss Studio) was dedicated to

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    Sobe LifeWater Round Four

    Sobe Summer Friday round fourth- yes I am still going and I won’t stop till it is over. I am having that much fun. Anyways, this past Friday’s theme was a mini-golf course and like the previous Sobe events this

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    Sobe Lifewater Round Three

    Last week, I told you about the amazing Sobe Lifewater Drive-in movie theater at the Famed Steven Weiss Studio; now, if you read my post you are well aware that Sobe is also having a different theme event every Friday

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    Sobe: Hosts An INDOOR Drive-In Movie Theater

    Sobe Lifewater hosts its second Summer Friday at the Stephen Weiss Studio (711 Greenwich St.), which is one of my favorite event spaces.  This Friday’s theme was: an indoor drive-in movie theater.  Guests were treated to Spike Lee’s new movie

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