September 21, 2021

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    Anne Hathaway Covers January Issue of Glamour magazine

    Newlywed, Anne Hathaway, snagged the January cover of Glamour magazine. Hathaway, who recently lost 25 pounds for her role in the soon-to-be released Christmas movie Les Misérables, sports a pixie cut; and wears a Monrow tank along with Clover Canyon briefs in the

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    Sephora and Glamour Invite You Chill With Ashley Tisdale

    Yes, that really is Ashley Tisdale and Ashley Simpson.  So says Glamour Sephora and GLAMOUR invite you to meet ASHLEY TISDALE Stop by Sephora to hang out with Ashley, and listen to DJ-spun tunes from her amazing new album, Guilty

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    Declare Your Look

    Book Your Appointment Today! Join Glamour Magazine and two of Lancôme’s top National Makeup Artists for a two-on-one beauty session at Bloomingdales New York City. Discover Declaring Indigo, our new fall 2009 color collection by international Artistic Director Aaron de

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