September 22, 2021

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    Andy Cohen Celebrates His Cover Boy Status for FourTwoNine at No. 8

    Who said print is dead? Certainly, not the publishers behind FourTwoNine, a new lifestyle magazine explores the worlds of celebrity, politics, and business with an  editorial mix of art, culture, and fashion, through an LGBT lense. Last week, the newly

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    Fullum and Holt Wants You! Ready?

    Now ladies here’s your opportunity to model for Fullum and Holt.  The company’s Creative Director, will have a citywide casting call and photo shoots all across Manhattan. Fashionable will women have the opportunity to model Fullum & Holt’s Spring handbags

  • Hot!

    Let’s Talk Hangbags!

    Ladies, ladies, if you like it buy a handbag with it- get it? I kid of course that’s my attempt at poetic comedy. Good? Maybe not. Fashionable ladies and the ones who love them (you know which one you are).

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