September 22, 2021

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    Your Guide to Hosting the Ultimate Oscars Party

    The countdown to the Oscars continues (Sunday, March 2 – 7PM ET/4PM PT). With the gathering of Tinseltown’s finest just days away, we’ve got some fun and film-inspired ideas to decorate for your viewing party, savor delicious bites sure to

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    Grab Globes Globes’ Hottest Dresses (and on a Budget)

    Inspired by the galaxy of fancy dresses at the Golden Globes to bring your A-game to your next cocktail soirée but (sadly) don’t have Hayden Panettiere expense account? Not a problem. Like the imaginary celeb that you are, you can borrow rent it

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    Oscars Double Take: What Celebrities Wore Nearly Identical Gowns

    Your eyes are not deceiving you – both red-carpet divas are essentially wearing the same gown. Oscar nominee Jennifer Lawrence‘s Calvin Klein Collection dress is eerily similar to Scarlet Johansson‘s 2006 Golden Globes dress. Where is Rachel Zoe when you

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    TFR: Best Dressed at the Golden Globes

    Award season has kicked into high-gear, and despite what’s happening in Haiti actors came out, in full force with  fabulous duds to recognize the great works of this this year. While, they were some misses–that I shall not name– many

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