April 18, 2021

This Winter’s Wardrobe Essentials

The cold weather has finally arrived! However, it means that every woman needs to start thinking about her winter wardrobe. The winter is a time for wrapping up warm with multiple layers, but it is also a great time to

TGIF Cocktail Recipe of the Day: Summer’s Last Hurrah

The upcoming Labor Day Weekend is not only a three work-day weekend but it also means that its time for the official end of summer. As a celebration, lets toast once more to summer dresses, long days, and cool weather

Four Tips For Making the Most of Every Day

If you are currently concerned that you are not making the most of every day, it is important that you immediately switch up your approach. Or else, you could end up looking back in regret. In order to prevent this

Top Tips For Summer Fun

Summer is officially here, and with sunny days and late nights, it is the best season when it comes to having fun. It is the ideal time to see more of the world and go traveling, do some good in

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018

Nordstrom’s Anniversary sale is back as expected the sale has a slew of beauty deals (and so much more) that are really worth stocking on up.  The official sale starts on July 20th and ends (while supplies last) on August

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    How to create the perfect fashion blog

    Creating a fashion blog can be a daunting experience which is why breaking it down into simpler steps is the right way to proceed. Before anything else however, acknowledge that some fashion blogs are not successful for no particular reason,

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    Cheekies: A Sneak Peek into the Underwear Drawer

    Like any kind of clothing, trends in fashion come and go, but there’s one item of underwear that women can’t seem to get enough of. These delicate garments are sexy, comfy, flattering to the nth degree, and, perhaps, one of

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    Top 6 Gifts to Buy for Yourself

    Whether you feel stressed, or you want to time for yourself and relax, a good way to lift up your mood is by buying yourself a gift. Even if it’s not a holiday season, it feels good to treat yourself

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    Feel-Good Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Paper Anniversary

    Making it through your first year of marriage is definitely an occasion worth celebrating. Also known as the paper anniversary, your first anniversary is a great time to express just how much you’ve enjoyed being married to your spouse for

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    What to Wear on a Bleisure Getaway

    The work-life balance grows increasingly difficult to juggle as the internet of things keeps business professionals ever-connected to their careers. Even on vacation, the blogger spends time responding to comments, the CEO attends a video conference, or the receptionist checks

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