October 22, 2014

Tip for Hosting a Game Night Like a Boss

Anyone who’s spent time traveling to different cities understands the benefit of getting out and finding fun places to spend weekend evenings: bars, clubs, shows, restaurants, or whatever may interest you. But once you’ve settled down in a single city

Wait For It: The Karl Lagerfeld Barbie Doll

The one and only Karl Lagerfeld and his closest companions continue to make headlines lately with all sorts of creative ventures beside his main claim to fame as a designer. Barbie collectors everywhere are sure to be delighted by the news:

This Week in Fashion: Tory Burch and Karlie Kloss Glam Up Your Fitness Gear

Designer Tory Burch and model Karlie Kloss are two of the women we have to thank for making fitness more glam (and more fun!). Yesterday, each of the creative minds released items that transcend the traditional looks of workout wear.

How Sauza Let Me Celebrate Cinco de Mayo Like a Boss

My day-to-day job duties are pretty boring. They often involved long days (that sometimes lead into the early morning) slaving away on my computer, reading lots of websites/blogs and sadly I am often in my pajamas as I do these

Get Pampered, Gamble, and Leave Feeling at Refreshed at Mount Airy Casino

The thought of spending money or gambling just doesn’t excite me. I am just not the “make-it” rain type of gal. I much rather spend my dinero on things that I can see and/or wear. Still, when I received an