August 21, 2014

Wait For It: The Karl Lagerfeld Barbie Doll

The one and only Karl Lagerfeld and his closest companions continue to make headlines lately with all sorts of creative ventures beside his main claim to fame as a designer. Barbie collectors everywhere are sure to be delighted by the news:

I Got Botox! Even Though I Don’t Have Wrinkles — and I LOVED It.

  #SorryNotSorry – I just got my first Botox…and I think it’s the start of an addiction. Before you are quick to judge, let me explain. Not long ago, I was invited to the grand opening party of MedSpa44 — the

Bella Weems Created a Multi-Million Dollar Find Out Why Its a Big Deal

  Bella Weems runs a multi-million dollar corporation. Now, that might not seem particularly interesting or impressive until you discover her age–she’s just 17. Bella also runs her business during her “free time” which is usually when school is over. It all started when the

Kipling Tapped This Youtube Sensation for Its Latest Campaign

Earlier this week Kipling welcomed guests to one-of-a-kind celebration to fete their campaign star (and Youtube sensation) Megan Nicole. The event was held at The Old School, inside one of the classrooms, were the campaign images along with a selection of the upcoming products

Refresh Your Tired Eyes With These Proven Eye Gels

Long and sleepless night can lead to tired and puffy eyes (at least for me. But this doesn’t always have to happen, in fact they are countless products that claim to improve the appearance of eyes and diminish the look