July 31, 2014

TGIF Cocktail Recipes of the Day: Celebrating National Daiquiri Day

We don’t have to tell that you there’s a day for everything. Some are ones that we just have to celebrate. And, tomorrow is National Daiquiri Day. Here’s a brief history on the cocktail famously enjoyed by writer Hemingway, the Daiquiri researchers claim

Celebrate Friday the 13 Like a Boss With These Cocktails

Not that we are surreptitious but there’s something about Friday the 13th that seems so ominous. As if we are just one beetlejuice saying away from becoming the subject of a scary made-for-television movie. If you’re anything like us, the best

TGIF Cocktail Recipe of Day: New Take on Ice Beverages

A good cocktail doesn’t have uninspired or boring. To show we mean business, we’ve curated 10 frozen (and delicious) cocktails to celebrate the warmer weather that has finally greeted us. These are not your typical spiked drinks.

Perrier-Jouët Launches a Limited Edition Summer Varietal (and its Glorious)

I’d would be lying if I told you that I don’t enjoy champagne. In fact, I love bubbly as much as I do a family member. It is my spirit of choice for various reasons but one of them is that when champagne is

TGIF Cocktail Recipe of the Day: Tres Agaves Organic Margarita… No Limes Needed

This week, we bring you a super easy (read: no squeezing or cutting limes) Margarita recipe from Tres Agaves  that will make your inner lazy self rejoice with joy. Since the recipe doesn’t need limes it will save you money and naturally happier. That’s a plus