November 24, 2020

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    What to Wear on a Bleisure Getaway

    The work-life balance grows increasingly difficult to juggle as the internet of things keeps business professionals ever-connected to their careers. Even on vacation, the blogger spends time responding to comments, the CEO attends a video conference, or the receptionist checks

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    Deciding If Cosmetic Surgery is Right for You

    Surgeries, including cosmetic surgery, require individuals to consider several factors before going through with them. The reason is rooted in risks, complications, and the costs that come with it.  First, you need to be healthy before considering other important factors. 

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    The 4 Principles of Building a Nest Egg

    The term “nest egg” is familiar to anyone who has ever thought about their personal finances. It’s one of those buzz terms that people throw around without always knowing exactly what it means. It turns out that it is among

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    Party Going in the Age of COVID-19

    There is no question that society as a whole has had to completely alter the way that we do even the most routine things in life due to COVID-19. A virus that few had heard of just six short months

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    Finding a Rewarding Career

    When you stop to think about how much of your life you will spend in the workforce, it is important to find a career that you think is rewarding. Even though that seems like a fairly straightforward approach to what

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