March 24, 2023
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Hot! Spruce Up Your Place With These Affordable Duffet Covers


There’s something about the changing of seasons and/or special occasions (like right now the holidays), that really inspires me to change certain staples in place to get in the spirit of the time that’s too come. For example, once spring hits, I put on my special spring curtains. Or when falls arrives, I will change my table to a fancy fall cover featuring a beautiful scene of foliage. Other times, I will also change my bedding, including my duvet covers.

For those, who buy duvet covers know a decent duvet set can set you back a pretty penny, which is why I am excited to discover Vaulia. The small company (with just 30 employees) founded in 2012 offers an incredible selection of covers at a really affordable price–in fact most products retail under $35. Vaulia, offers a fast selection of covers from festive patterns, to cool prints and of course a decent selection of solid hues. So there’s something for just about everyone. In addition to duvet covers, the company also offers bedding and blankets/throws, all at the same affordable price.

What’s more the staff is dedicated to making you a happy customer by providing outstanding customer service and in addition to super products.







***While this is a sponsored post, the opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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