May 28, 2023

Hot! Shu Uemura’s Ultimate Remedy Works Wonders on My Transitioning Hair

Ultimate Remedy

My hair goes through phases where it gets dryer than the Sahara Desert. Right now it is on a dry phase. My parched tresses are also affected by the fact that I am currently transitioning from relaxed hair to natural hair. Because my hair is prone to residue buildup I am trying to keep my use of products to a minimum. Still I took the plunge and tried Shu Uemura’s Ultimate Remedy Extreme Restoration Duo-Serum.

The leave-in serum promises to do a lot and work on all types of (even African-American) hair. Shu Uemura claims that the serum helps repair and strengthen the hair; tame the frizzies, help with split ends, nourish and add shine to even the most stressed mane. The secret sauce is the infusion Lotus with a powerful Ceramide 2000 PPM to keep the hair fiber sealed and intact.

On my thick hair it worked wonders.  After I used the serum my hair didn’t look dull or feel as brittle as it was feeling. The serum added much needed moisture and shine to my hair. Since its a leave-in treatment I also used the serum as styler and much to my promise it held up pretty well.  But, the biggest surprise for me was how easily the serum sealed into my hair. It didn’t feel heavy or leave my hair with a lot of build up.

If you’re looking for a new product to try, give this one a go.

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