March 5, 2021

Hot! Last Minute Gift Ideas for Under $40

Have you done all your Christmas shopping yet?  Do I need to remind you, Christmas is just a few days away?  Don’t worry,  getting those last minute gifts does not have to cost you a fortune or cause undue stress.  Yes, its true and we’ve compiled eight wonderful ideas you and all are under $40.

Magazine Subscription—  a perfect gift for just abmagazineout anyone.  There’s a magazine for many interest or taste.  I’ve given magazine subscriptions as gifts in the past and I’ve always received great feedback.  Hearts is currently running a promotion were some of their publications are selling for $5. Scoop it up.

Towels – I know what you are thinking: towels? Yes, towels seriously.  Everyone, I mean everyone needs towels.towels And, what’s more, this is the perfect gift to have around just in case someone surprises you with an unexpected gift.  Trust me, you won’t regret buying a few to give out. For me, it has been a gift saver.  Target has a six piece towel set for $29.99, not bad.  Here’s a hint:  its much cheaper to buy three of the biggest towels and just give those as gift.

Scarfscarf This is a gift that anyone can enjoy. Though, it seems no one ever really to wants to buy one– well, at least I don’t.  So, why not buy it for a special someone in your life? It’s a great idea to give to anyone.  At the moment, I am in love with the circular scarf that I received as a gift recently.  I wear it all the time and I often change the style of how I wear it depending on my mood.  American Eagle has a few circular scars, ranging in price from $34.50 to $24.50  and they come in different colors and fabrics.

+2_Hour_Whitening_001Teeth Whitening Products: This is a unique stocking stuffer idea and I can assure no one will be offended. I have a friend who was thrilled when I gifted her with the whitening strips recently.  Additionally, you can bring this to a holiday grab bag party or exchange party. I’ve tried several of the whitening products and I really like Rembrandt.  The products include:$7.99 Mouth Wash; $24.99 2-hour kit; $7.99 Intense Stain.

handbagCarlos Falchi for Target® Small Hobo – Black Solid – At $19.99 you can’t go wrong with this stylish,  cute and super inexpensive bag. Its perfect for just about any woman in your family.  This handbag is one from the special collaboration between Target and Carlos Falchi– a luxury handbag designers.  I don’t think there’s more else that needs to be said but just get it before it sells out.


Nintendo DSi Game— If you are old enough to remember the Super Mario Bros- this suggestion should come as no surprise to you because it was so cool back then. Do you remember know how fun the game was? Well now it is making a comeback for the DSi console.  I have it, and the game is still as much fun to play with as when I was young.  And, guess what the younger kids will enjoy it just as much as you do.  At $34.99 you can’t go wrong.

plushrightsPlush Tights — Do you know anyone who is always COLD and needs like two pair of socks and wears like 20 layers just to keep warm? I do–my mother and she loved these tights as much as I do.  They keep you warm.  While they are bulky,  like the ones from when we were kids the tights are not unsightly.  The outer fabric is shiny and looks like any other tights so no one has to know you are wearing fleece. Can you image if people knew?  It just makes a wonderful price and the full body tight costs $35.

candle Plenty by Tracy Reese 3 Wick Circular Candle — Why not choose this lovely smelling candle by famed fashion designer Tracy Reese.  Its also very pretty and comes in a chic case that will surely make any recipient happy.  And, best of all it retails for $39.99

What are you some of your last minute gift ideas? Share with us.

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  1. I didn’t know Tracy Reese was venturing outside the arena of fashion. I am going to get those Plenty candles for my daughter. Thanks Fab Report!