June 1, 2023

Hot! Steal Kate Hudson’s Soft Curls

Get the look

Red carpet ready hair doesn’t have to be extreme. Take for example, Kate Hudson, the blond starlet was spotted at the People Beauty Awards sporting easy breezy beachy waves. If you’re looking for an easy hairstyle to ring in 2015, we suggest trying Kate Hudson’s beautiful look. David Babaii, Hudson’s hairstylist, gives us the low-down on how to recreate the look using ghd’s newest products–the Classic Curl Iron.
How To Get The Look:
David suggests you tousle the hair dry upside. This helps  add volume. Once the hair is try, use ghd’s heat protectant spray lightly over the hair.  From there,  grab two inch sections of hair, using the ghd Classic Curl Iron, wind the hair around the iron while keeping iron open. This technique creates a soft, bouncy wave. Once you’re with the sections, separate a few strands with fingers and gently tousle hair at roots with fingertips. And, you’re done.
David also shares the following:
-If you have major flyaways at the roots, use Classic Curve Iron to smooth at the root. Start at the root of the  two inch section, run iron through the first four inches of hair two times.
-If your hair is thick (like me), take smaller sections.
-If you want to achieve smaller waves, use smaller sections and wind the hair like a rope before wrapping around the iron.
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