February 19, 2019

Hot! Harper’s Bazaar & Swarovski Dazzle the Shoreham Hotel’s Willow Club

Swarovski and Harper’s Bazaar recently held an event in the Shoreham Hotel to celebrate the December issue of Harper’s Bazaar crystallized with Swarovski Elements and promote the Willow Club. The recent cover, which features the lips of Christina Aguilera, is encrusted with red Swarovski crystals. Additionally, the soiree showcased samples from the Atelier Swarovski Autumn/Winter 2010 collection and featured celebratory champagne and hors d’oeuvres. From shoes, to scents,to dazzling Atelier Swarovski jewelry pieces, we were certainly impressed by the wide array of fashionable items.

Known for their dazzling crystal and jewels, the retailer has built a brand by working with top designers and product providers to create amazing works of arts. Nadia Swarovski, who selects the designers with whom to collaborate for the Swarovski stores, has worked with wonderful designers from all over the world. “It’s about who we want to reach out to and who we want to develop relationships with,” says Amanda Falzon of Swarovski branding decisions. “It’s really about celebrating the crystals,” she says.

We were dazzled by the Harari pieces, which range from $375 – $1150 and are sold in the Swarovski Crystallized Soho store. The Harari sisters, who began their relationship with Swarovski by designing a chandelier for the Swarovski Crystal Palace, are also architects. So it wasn’t a surprise to see how these beautifully structured custom crafted stones made for gorgeous and daring pieces including a ring, a belt, and three different necklaces.

The Christopher Kane piece, which can be worn as a wrap bracelet or a choker, comes in three impressive colors: Jet, Montana (blue), or Crystal. Our personal favorite: the Kirt Holmes Ellipse necklace and bracelet, which comes in light gold or hematite – what a fabulous set of sparkling crystals and beads!

The Karl Lagerfeld cuff also caught our eye, and as part of a collection with pendants and brooches going for $310 – $600, this cuff is sure to pair well with outfits for multiple occasions.

-Melanie Meadows

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Melanie Meadows

Associate Editor for The Fabulous Report. Freelance Grantwriter.

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