February 25, 2021

Hot! Gift Guide for the Blogger in Your Life

While this list may seem like a shameless plug to publicly share my wish list with the masses, I assure you this is not. My aim is to help blogging loving people purchase relevant gifts for the blogger in their lives. Though, if you were to purchase me anything from the list, you will have my love and adoration for the foreseeable future. So, what do you get a blogger who can probably get anything?

Here’s my the wish list:

Canon’s new EOS Rebel T1 Camera – This swanky camera makes picture-taking a snap. Users can expect crystal clear professional looking photos; perfect for creating original stories and documenting happenings or showcasing products.

Macbook Pro – It pains me to recommend an Apple product but this computer makes blogging dummy proof. Drag images directly to a post for easy editing and blogging. Plus fast speeds makes this computer a wonderful addition to the serious blogger.

Olympus Digital Voice Recorder (VN 6200PC) – For the blogger who may have to interview people this handy device makes transcribing so much easier. Digital files are saved to the computer using a USB.

Flip UltraHD Video Camera – Record video and upload in minutes. Great for just about anyone.

Starbucks Gift Card – For many bloggers Starbucks serves an office. The free wi-fi, free coffee refills, and chill atmosphere makes this an ideal place to escape the “home-office.”

Subscription to Trade Journal or Magazine – Subscriptions to trade publications are often expansive but for the serious bloggers they are a must. For instance, a subscription to WWD is $129 for one year, so getting a gift to one will surely make a blogger happy (Shameless Hint).

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