July 20, 2018

Hot! Rodarte for Target Preview Featuring Tavi Gevinson

taviteenvougeIn just a few day the Rodarte collection for Target will hit stores. December 20th to be exact but of course if you are a devoted reader you probably already know because we reported on the collaboration when information was released. But did you know a 13-year old is said to be “Muse” for the collection?  No! Well, her name is Tavi Gevinson and she is a fashion blogger and sometimes rapper who is taking the fashion world by storm with her interesting observation about-what else-fashion.  Tavi,  has already appeared on the cover of several magazines, sat front row at some MBNY week most coveted shows  and has impressed many including Harper’s Bazaar editor Kristina O’Neill who asked her to write for the magazine and she appears on this column Harper Bazaar making her the younger person ever to do.   Like O’neil, the Mulleavy sisters (the design duo behind Rodarte) were equally impressed and reached to her for take on the collection. We have a fun behind the scenes video of the process along with a first look–although brief at the collection.

(Image couresty of TeenVogue.com)

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