October 15, 2018

Hot! Gallery 10 Awesome Gifts for the 1% in Your Life

Truthfully, in our Brooklyn zip code the 1% don’t often frequent. Still every so often we get to rub elbows with the rarefied group, as a result we’ve come to how the live and what they like.  While we can’t really afford to shopping for them, one can dream. If you can and are lost as to what buy come Christmas, we’ve got you covered. No commission required and you’re welcome.


Got about $20,000 and a friend who is lover of whiskey?  Though not advertised (would you expect anything differently), Jack Daniels has the answer for your needs. With that you can buy a custom barrel of Jack Daniels Single Barrel Whiskey. What you'll get? About 240 bottles of whiskey to call your own. Its really a small price to pay for the honor of having your ready made whiskey--we say.

A leather covered, non-refillable pencil from Hermes for just $95.  Need we say more. Obvs, you'll have to buy at least two.

Is your friend a lover of animals? Neiman Marcus has the perfect gift. , A HEN HOUSE for the low, low price of $100,000 (shipping not included-- naturally).  Called the Beau Coop the multilevel dwelling includes a chandelier, library stocked with hen related books and two garden beds. Giving the low the price the inclusion of a grounds survey plus two on site visits and three to 10 hand selected Heritage Hens is a bargain.

We know Karl Lagerfeld's Choupette added this blanket to her wish list. This hand crafted baby alpaca ($285) cat blanket is truly for the big ballers. And, in case you're wondering yes you can use it for dogs or even babies.

Admittedly, we might be a bit biased, as we were gifted with a timepiece from Baume & Mercier's Linea line, but this luxury watch is swoon worthy. The Linea 10092, which retails for $15,750, it's peppered with diamonds. We are fairly certain, the wearer will kill any wrist war, unless someone else has a Tiffany bracelet.

Who needs a chalice when there are gold cups to be had. For a little less than 17,000 (read: just a dollar less), this 14K Solid Gold Kiddush Cup along with its tray can yours to gift.

Really at $700,000 this mini iPad case speaks for itself. What does that kind of money buy you? You'll get a 18K high polished white gold shell along with  3,328 natural Ceylon blue sapphires for a total weight of 599cts. This beauty really needs no words. Okay maybe this: Give me.

Though, Leona Hemlsey's dog Trouble has left this universe, she would have certainly loved this special dog Bottega Veneta ($640) woven bowl.

Montblanc built a name creating luxury writing instruments, but in an effort to expanded their offerings. This sleek diamond pavé pendant, from the 4810 collection, is one of newest products from the brand. It will set you back, $15,000, but that's a small prize to pay for that holiday smile on your loved one.

Recent history tells that when the famous, young and wealthy's career options dry up, some turn to turning tables to remain relevant. That said the best DJ's (as you know we have our favorites) are very sought after -- just ask Solange. Why not make sure the 1% new found music passion is a success and gift them with DJ lessons from Scratch DJ Academy. For for just $350, she can learn all about how to become a DJ. Kudos, if you include a private driver to take said person to and from lesson.

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