March 25, 2023
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Hot! Let’s Chat About the Awesomeness That is Tequila & Cheese


In my never-ending list of “what didn’t I think of this?,” I am adding why didn’t I think of pairing tequila (do these interesting facts about the spirit?) and cheese. Sure, wine and cheese pairings are common but this just never appealed to my food sensibilities. Now, tequila and cheese that’s something that I can get behind with conviction.

Naturally, when Casa Noble invited me to a celebration pairing the two, I accepted quickly and enthusiastically. The event held at The French Cheese Board, featured a pairing of Casa Noble tequilas and artisanal cheeses. It was magical.  The cheeses were savory.  And, the selection of drinks and tequilas was equally as impressive.

If you want create a pairing like for your next party. Here’s the skinny of what went down. We started the night with the Crystal tequila. It was paired with Mimolette a.k.a. Boule de Lille, an eighteen month old cheese so it would qualify as Vieille.  The cheese has a mild flavor and little aroma. We then sampled Casa Noble’s Reposado (one of favorite tequilas). This one was paired with Époisses, a wash-rind monastery style of pasteurized cow milk, from Burgundy, also produced in Champagne-Ardenne.  Lastly, Casa Noble’s  Añejo was paired with Fourme d’Amber. This cheese is either made raw or with pasteurized cow milk. However, ours was pasteurized. To create the cheese the blue mold is added to the curd, then the cheese is pierced to promote veining during ripening. Natural rind, smooth and creamy paste, rather mild for a blue, crumbly and moist, with a pleasant aroma of cow and cellar.

It goes without saying this is just a guideline of creating a good match between the two. The choice of flavors work best is up to you and what you find appealing.


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