June 7, 2023

Hot! Moto X Deserves a Worthy Consideration

Moto X

If you recall, I recently designed a Moto X phone to match my personal style. My choices included a pink back, a black body and a purple trim. The customized Moto X has arrived and I am excited with the final results. The phone has a sleek look. It curves in all of the right places. So holding it, just feels right. And, now that I am acquainted with the phone, here are some of my thoughts.

For starters, with the Motorola Migrate app moving information–as contacts, calendar events, and other information–from Android phones running version 2.2 or later, is a snap. This a great option for those who want to easily transfer between phones. It is also a great time saver. There’s also Motorola Assist app, that when selected and depending on what’s appropriate (based on your location, time and calendar) can either read your text out loud or silence your phone. That’s pretty snappy.


What’s more, unlike phones directly purchased through a local mobile carrier, the Moto X is pre-loaded with only the basics apps. Naturally, this reduces unnecessary bloatware and makes for a “cleaner” phone experience. For people who stick to a selected set of apps and therefore have no use for useless add-ons, this option is particularly useful. The choice of which app to install is up to you.

The search option is stellar and intuitive. From the home screen, “speak to google,” by simply saying “okay google.” From there ask whatever your heart desires. I ask for details on the weather. I ask the app to show me my calendar. I also ask for directions. Whatever question I ask, a lovely voice responds with just the right answer.


Notifications such as recent emails received, mentioned tweets, etc., are easily accessible with a light tap on the phone. This a result of the Active Display. This is unlike other devices, the phone doesn’t have to be unlocked to view notifications. This makes using the phone so much easier and enjoyable.  Using the camera is pretty easy as well. You are not limited by the photo capture bottom. With Moto X, a tap anywhere on the screen will capture your image. This is particular useful for people who aren’t used to using a phone or people who are afraid of trying technology.


Ultimately,these options along with the easy customization makes the Moto X a worthy note worth of your time.


***While I receive compensation through my partnership with Moto X, all opinions expressed are my own***


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