December 18, 2018

Hot! Gallery Mavi Jeans Updated Their Jeans and You’ll Love New Collection


Mavi does denim really well. The jeans feature classic silhouettes for the girl on the go and are made with great fabrics. The result is jeans that not only feel great but look good. This holiday season, Mavi is taking their denim knowledge and refreshing their premium Mavi Gold collection. The update focuses (naturally) on performance and function also sees the introduction of three new categories to the line. The offerings–Reform, Dream Fit, and Second Skin–all feature the brand’s revolutionary stretch technology, so they will “expand” when you need a little room, but will return to their natural state when you no longer need it. In the long run they won’t lose their shape.

The new performance line retails for $148 and is available online and their Brooklyn outpost in Park Slope. In the meantime get the know more about the collections below.

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Reform, the core of the Mavi Gold Collection, maintains the look of authentic denim with modern
innovations of stretch properties and thread technologies that give the freedom of a jegging but still retains the appearance of a traditional five-pocket jean. Reform incorporates a unique thread technology called “Recall In Shape” which provides the highest level of stretch ever offered and molds to the wearer’s body for the perfect fit. The hidden synthetic inside the cotton yarn offers two times the recovery of traditional jeans that allow them to retain their original shape wear after wear.

Second Skin, which is made of Mavi’s sateen fabrication, takes on the role of stretch with soft and smooth jegging qualities. With its ultra-softness, this fit molds to a woman’s body curves with the feature of boundless comfort and flexibility without losing their original form. Washes are clean and brilliant.

Dream Fit is a luxurious,contemporary category offering women a stylish, striking jean that gives a woman’s figure a sleek and slender appearance. Fabric in the Dream Fit range takes advantage of yarn mixes with performance technology to create a premium jean that has holding power and a feminine look that is soft and smooth to the touch. The body contouring and ultra-slimming jeans in mid-weight denim are offered in washes from light, medium and dark shades.

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