May 27, 2019

Hot! CounterSketch Studio Launch Party


I was greeted by the beautiful Manhattan Skyline and lot’s of people in suits as I entered the CounterSketch Studio launch party at the sexy Copper Square Hotel Penthouse.   A little unsure about weather I was at the right event, I ventured to the bar while I tried to figure things out.  Glass of champagne in hand, I turned and noticed a 3-D image of what appeared to be a ring on very large plasma screen television.  Intrigued I walked closer– watched a tutorial on CounterSketch Studio software and received a full demonstration on how to use the software.    CounterSketch is a program that allows you to customize every aspect of your ring from the stone size to band width, with little assistance from the retailer;  they have truly revolutionized the way you buy jewelry by allowing you customer to design their jewelry and not  have to settle for the local inventory.  And get this they have a hand simulator in varying skin tones that allows you to see how it will look on your finger!!  These guys have thought of everything.  Now you would think that something so incredibly intricate would take at least 2 months  for you to receive, but nope, you simply wait a mere 8 days for the ring of your dreams.
For those iPhone users, there is a CounterSketch Studio app that allows you to get in on the fun while on the go.  Once you choose your design you can then send then locate your nearest retailer and put in your order.  As a dedicated blackberry user you can imagine my annoyance as I had to discover yet another “cool” thing about the iPhone.  I’m still not changing.
Unfortunately, the closest retailer to NYC who has the technology is either in Clay, NY (never heard of it) or Shelton, CT (wherever that is).  But expect more locations this coming January 2110.
After all that tech talk, I decided to get on out of there.  So I grabbed my goodie bag which I thought was quite heavy, and headed for the elevator.   Intrigued and unable to wait until I got home, I peaked inside and saw a SOLIO hybrid solar charger! SWEEET!!   I had always wanted one.  Thank you CounterSketch Studio for making Christmas come a bit early this year.
By Jenaya Singleton
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