June 28, 2022
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Hot! The Party Crasher’s Worst Nightmare: zkipster

Ever wonder how event planners and publicists keep those on the fringe away from their well-crafted and oftentimes costly productions? Well, it turns out, many companies (including some high-end luxury retailers and government entities) use an electronic Chinese Wall of sort or zkipster, to keep uninvited and (more importantly) unwanted guests from ritzy events and to manage their guest lists.

With zkipster, a Swiss-American based start-up, clippers using iPads or iPhones are able to seamlessly check-in attendees along with their guests. They can also verify identify on the fly as the option exists to include an image with each RSVP. As a result, the app eliminates the need for paper lists. The benefit: it speeds up the arrival process. What’s the more–when a guest has checked-in, the app which uses wi-fi, automatically syncs all the devices with the updated information. This simple technology advance, cripples the wanna-be crasher ability to infiltrate events since one is no longer able to claim someone’s else name as their own (as this gal has found out) or suggest they are someone’s guest.  Now this is what we call guest list management done the right way.

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