June 1, 2023

Hot! Updating Your Wardrobe for All Aspects of Your Life

As time goes by, it’s easy to accumulate a vast collection of clothing without really thinking about it. But how much of your wardrobe is actually in circulation? You know you have a stack of jeans that might not look or fit the best and some faded shirts on hangers toward the back of your closet that haven’t seen daylight in years. It’s time to take a stand. Updating your wardrobe for all aspects of your life can be challenging but, with a few tips and some shopping, you’ll be well on your way. 

Going Above and Beyond

If you’re an active person who gets up early, takes their vitamins, chews a couple of CBD gummies and enjoys fresh fruit and veggie smoothie in the morning, you most likely have some workout gear. It might just be a pair of sweats and a hoodie for running, nothing flashy or fabulous, but it’s a start. Now it’s time to up your game and go above and beyond for yourself and your comfort. 

Over the years, workout gear has vastly improved and you’ll be doing yourself an injustice if you remain solely in sweats. With the moisture-wicking materials (which stretch with your every move), exercising in comfort has become a thing. 

When shopping for items, try things on to see how they fit your body type. And remember to outfit yourself from top to bottom. This includes comfortable tops, shorts, pants, leggings, undergarments, and sneakers. You’ll thank yourself later when you’re done with your run or gym session and you feel like a million bucks even after having worked out. 

Key Items to Have on Hand

With every wardrobe, there are things you must have on hand. These items are your go-to pieces that either help put your ensemble over the top or are role players that mix and match well with others. In order to get your closet in shape, you’ll have to catch up on some trends and do your homework on timeless items that never go out of style–such as the little black dress, which can be a very versatile piece. Keep two on hand, as a cocktail style black dress can also be used for parties and nights out with friends and the other can be used for important events such as funerals and or business-related engagements. 

When shopping, be sure to think past whichever season you’re currently experiencing because at some point you might need something a little warmer for the frosty months or something a little cooler for the summer. One quick and easy way to get deals on products for upcoming seasons is to shop the clearance aisle when a particular season is on it’s way out. Saving a few dollars on a pair of pants or a shirt you don’t plan on wearing for a while is still a deal. 

Seasonal Pieces

There have been talking about seasonal pieces and how to shop for them but what exactly is “seasonal”? Depending on where your home happens to be on the planet, the weather near you will play a part in what fills your wardrobe. Keep in mind that stylish shorts or floral dresses are key components to have in your closet for spring. The same goes for summer, as comfortable tops with spaghetti straps and flowing skirts are staples for any wardrobe. Digging deeper into the “seasonal” sense of the word, it’s good to have a few fun pieces geared toward the Christmas holiday season or maybe a patriotic-themed item or two for the summer. Just be sure these types of items don’t occupy too much real estate in your closet, as they should be brought in and taken back out when the time comes. 

One of the last things to remember when shopping for yourself is to stay true to your style. It’s fine to dabble beyond your comfort level when it comes to color or particular stylings but promise yourself that every item coming into your home will be worn, otherwise what’s the purpose of having it? Be happy with what you like to wear and insert bits of charm here and there to keep it fresh and stylish. Being an individual is a good thing and showcasing it in your wardrobe is just fine and dandy.

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