February 19, 2019

Hot! Book Beautiful Skin Revealed Launch Party

Are you looking to improve the health and appearance of your skin? Look no further than Dr. Paul M. Friedman and his new book Beautiful Skin Revealed. We got a peek the book at a launch party held earlier this week that was Sharon Bush.

Dr. Friedman’s new book Beautiful Skin Revealed is the ultimate resource guide for improving your skin. This beautifully illustrated book details some of the most common skin problems, featuring real patients with real skin issues, before and after photos, and charts and guides for treatment options with pricing information. Dr. Friedman even includes information on how to choose a doctor!

We took a few moments with Dr. Friedman to ask him a few key questions pertinent and found out a few of the doctor’s valuable skin secrets.

What is the most common skin complaint Dr. Friedman hears from women in their 20’s and 30’s? You guessed it. Acne! For this annoying skin problem, Dr. Friedman suggests that you “look at acne from all angles.” Since acne can be affected by hormones, stress, bacteria, and even what you eat, he suggests speaking to your doctor about each of these possibilities. Hormonal issues can be eased by birth control pills, while bacterial issues can be addressed with a topical treatment.

So what advice does Dr. Friedman have for women of color? Dr. Friedman points out a common misconception among women of color: that women of color have a low risk of skin cancer. He acknowledges that while skin cancer is less common among young women of color, more aggressive forms of skin cancer are more common, and often these cancers emerge at a later age. “Sunscreen is important on all skin types to prevent unwanted pigmentation, premature aging, and to reduce the risk of skin cancer.”

For women of color pursuing skin rejuvenation procedures, Dr. Friedman suggests laser treatments using lasers with longer wavelengths. Specifically, he recommends a 1064 Long Pulsed Nd Yag for laser hair removal on darker skin.

Interested in learning more about what Dr. Paul M. Friedman has to say about skin issues relevant to you? Check out his book Beautiful Skin Revealed in hard cover on www.amazon.com or visit his website.

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Melanie Meadows

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