February 5, 2023
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Hot! How Has Technology Helped To Revolutionise The Oral Care Industry?

Technology has become a major aspect of all of our lives in recent years, but it has definitely helped to revolutionize the dental care industry. Whether this is toothbrushes on the market or treatments available to help you achieve the picture-perfect smile, technology has helped to achieve the modern technology we have today. 

Bluetooth Connectivity 

Technology is something that has helped a number of industries over the years, but technology in the form of Bluetooth connectivity has made smart brushing a reality. With an electric toothbrush that can be linked to your phone, you can track brushing habits and gain feedback on how to get the best possible deep clean without causing any damage to the teeth. With an inbuilt 2-minute timer as well as pressure sensors and round brush head technology, a number of electric toothbrushes have been designed to provide optimum clean in half the time. 

Invisalign Treatments 

Another way that technology has helped to revolutionize oral care as we know it is through the treatments that are available. Not only can a number of orthodontist London clinics provide specialized treatment for those looking to straighten their teeth, but they can also provide those that wish to have it with a look at what their teeth will look like following the treatment. With specialized computer programming as well as specialist molds, the treatment can be made to perfectly suit the customer and provide a number of trays to progressively straighten the teeth over the course of the treatment.

Electric Vs Manual Brushes 

As technology has continued to expand, so too has the dependency on electric brushes due to their cleaning power. Not only can they be reused a number of times, but an electric brush also provides the deep clean that you are looking for without causing damage to your teeth. Despite an electric brush providing a deeper clean, there are still a number of people that choose to have a manual toothbrush. Whether this is for their children or for them as they can replace it cheaply every three months.  

The 6 Second Toothbrush

The final way that technology has revolutionized oral health care is through the invention of the 6-second toothbrush. Though this project is only in the first few stages of development, technological advancements such as this are set to make brushing your teeth significantly faster and fit in with even the busiest of lifestyle. With a brush head that brushes 99.9% of the teeth in rapid time, this is the perfect way to brush teeth without causing to much damage to the surface of the tooth in the long term. This can also be cleaned in a UV container to make sure it is sanitized ready for the next use. 

Whether you are looking for a new way to deep clean your teeth or even a cleaning treatment, there is no denying that technology has helped to revolutionize the industry in a number of different ways.

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