July 16, 2018

Hot! Gallery Easy Ways to Have a Hangover Free Thanksgiving

So, you’re planning to drink a lot to deal with your loud and raucous family members but you’ve got a big list of stores you would like to hit during black Friday. So nursing a hangover is not on your list of fun after Thanksgiving activities.  To prevent from feeling ill — we’ve compiled a simple list for a hangover free post Thanksgiving.

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Water: One easy way to prevent hangover is to stay hydrated. So drink lots of water. Start your night with a glass of water--this will not only hydrate you but it will also make you feel full faster--and end your day with water.

Pedialyte: This remedy that helps babies deal with vomiting, replenishes sugars and fluid-balancing electrolytes.

Eat: Heard of the old saying "booze before Snickers never sicker?" Okay, we've made that up but if you want to wake up feeling happy:EAT. Food helps the stomach dilute the concentration of alcohol.

Eat simple carbs (such as bread) : Sure you've eaten (and a lot) but before you go to bed noshed on simple carbs. This will help absorb the "leftover" alcohol in your stomach. This provides sugar and helps combat nausea.

Drink Mercy:When you go on Thanksgiving grocery run, pick up your Mercy. And, drink one for every three to five alcoholic drinks. Newly launched, Mercy, lauds its effectiveness with extensive research. It is packed with vitamins and amino acids that help fortify your body against damage caused by alcohol consumption.

Coconut Water : You've done all the mentioned steps and you STILL wake up feeling awful. Coconut water can help-- grab a very cold glass and hydrate. Why does it work? It is loaded with electrolytes ( as much as 15 times that of a standard sports drink), and has much potassium as two bananas.

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