January 30, 2023
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Hot! How Beauty and Fashion Bloggers Can Protect Their Blogs

The fashion and beauty world is fast-paced. It also relies heavily on photos, designs, and creative thinking. To be a successful blogger of any kind, you need to create, create, create, but to be a fashion or beauty blogger, you need to make it your full-time profession. You create so much, from videos, to photos, to text posts, that you need to protect it. Not only do you need to protect your blog, you need to protect yourself. Too few people practice strong digital security preventive practices, and they do so at their own peril.

Here is how you can protect your blog, and yourself, today:


  • Up Your Password Game


Your passwords are your weakness, which is why you need to up your password game today. This is especially important if you use the same password for everything! First, turn on all two-step verification options immediately. This means that even if someone does get a hold of your password, they need your phone to gain access. Similarly, make each password unique. This means that if someone hacks into an old account you completely forgot about, they can’t then log in to your blog or even your online banking.


  • Backup Your Blog (And Everything Else)


Hardware fails and so do servers too. That is why you need to have your blog (and all your other data) backed up in as many places as possible. Use secure cloud options to back your data up automatically, have external hard drives, and more. The more places you have copies of your data, the better.


  • Know How Data Works


Data, and your online actions, don’t really disappear. For instance, even deleted files can be found using eforensics techniques, which has been used to capture perpetrators and other criminals. The same applies to you, only it can also work in your benefit. Essentially, if you accidentally delete something or if you don’t back something up and your computer crashes, you can reclaim your data. Just be wary about online usage, and use the highest security settings that you can.


  • Losing Data That You Have


Another way you can lose your data, other than a server failure or break, is to simply lose track of it. This happens when you don’t store your photos and video snippets correctly. Photos, in particular, can add up to the thousands, especially for beauty and fashion posts. Don’t lose track of them, and instead add metadata. For the more serious bloggers, this means adding all the metadata options on applications like Lightroom. For those who don’t have those kinds of applications, simply create an order system of folders so you can easily find what you need again and again.

Your data is always at risk, and it’s a huge mistake to pretend otherwise. That is why you need to increase your online security, your passwords, and how you store and access information. Your data is invaluable, so protect is as well as you can.


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