December 16, 2018

Hot! Gallery Orlov Paris Brings Diamonds & Fragrance to NYC


Recently, we had the pleasure of celebrating the launch of Orlov Paris over breakfast at the elegant Jean-Georges. Husband and wife founding duo, Ruth and Thomas Meaulle, presented the collection of luxury fragrances with stories of their shared passion for perfumes and diamonds – including their own love story and the reveal that they selected the name “Orlov” in part due to a play on the words “our love.”

What makes Orlov Paris incredibly special is at the root of Ruth’s story — growing up with a family history of jewelers, she was always fascinated by diamonds and became a gemologist. “Each diamond is unique, like a person,” she told us, and when she discovered a way to bring her love of diamonds and fragrance together, Orlov Paris was born.

Each of the fragrances are named after iconic diamonds (the signature Orlov scent being named after one of the biggest diamonds, for example, which sits atop the Imperial Scepter in Russia).

Newly launched at Bergdorf Goodman last month, the Orlov Paris Diamant Collection consists of an offering of 5 scents, which are unisex (though the heavier, muskier scents tend give a more masculine feel in comparison to the traditionally feminine and lighter florals). Sea of Light (reminiscent of sea spray with fruity notes of blackcurrant and peach) and Cross of Asia (featuring ylang-ylang with hints of green apple, white florals, and coriander spice) are our personal favorites.

Now about the diamond… Orlov Paris’ Elixirs offering currently includes the Orlov and Star of the Season scents, in a premium version — each contains a more highly concentrated formula presented in a delicate glass bottle with striking corset design (that’s removable from the bottle). Presented in a leather case, each Elixir also contains a certified VS1 diamond, which Ruth described as “a diamond to tell your own story.”

Orlov Paris is available at Bergdorf Goodman and online at

$330.00 per fragrance from the Diamant Collection
$1,890.00 per Elixir



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