June 7, 2023

Hot! What’s Behind Bongo’s Bingo’s Bonkers Rise To The Top?

If you’re not already familiar with the term Bongo’s Bingo, then you certainly ought to be. The concept started as an idea between two pals from Liverpool and has since evolved into a worldwide phenomenon, hitting UK cities such as Newcastle, Preston and Liverpool, as well as branching out to Ibiza, Dubai and even as far afield as Australia.

As the name suggests, the event essentially revolves around the game of bingo but in a way that has completely revolutionized the whole scene – think, rave intervals, dance-offs, hands-in-the-air tunes and plenty of comedy from some of the most outlandish and idiosyncratic hosts the entertainment industry has ever seen.

Bongo’s Bingo is helping to destroy the outdated stereotype that bingo is simply a game for oldies and pensioners. As a result, their halls are seeing a massive influx of fresh-faced bingo lovers who are ready to scream “House!” in the face of the resident DJ whilst listening to their favorite dance track from the 90’s and sipping on a pina colada. Sounds pretty good, right?

Source: Bongo’s Bingo via Facebook

Why So Popular?

First of all, the prizes on offer are, in a word, superb. The event usually starts off by giving away the least valuable items which can range from a box of Coco Pops (no, we’re not kidding) to a Henry vacuum cleaner (still deadly serious). However, if they’re not really your thing then you can always try your luck for one of the more serious prizes; which, in the past, have included a Porsche, a sailboat and a holiday to the Caribbean.

One of the main reasons for online bingo currently being so popular is down to the added social element that it has brought to the bingo community. Players can  enjoy the thrill of 90 ball bingo at William Hill for example, whilst chatting to their friends and some games even offer the option of automatically ‘daubing’ your numbers for you, giving you more time to have a good old chinwag with your friends.

Bongo’s Bingo aims to build on this added social aspect associated with online gaming by providing a relaxed atmosphere, where you don’t need be afraid of being “shh’d” by someone taking the game a little more seriously than yourself. Bongo’s Bingo is all about like-minded party people crossing a few numbers off whilst having a good time with their friends. When you put it like that, it’s easy to see why the event has recently boomed in popularity.

Tickets typically cost anywhere between £2 and £6 but for one of Bongo’s Bingo’s special events, you could be looking at spending around £10 to get in. However, when you consider the rising prices of other forms of entertainment such as the cinema and theater, you start to appreciate that this represents fantastic value for money and the affordability of the events has without a doubt contributed to the continued success of Bongo’s Bingo.

Total World Domination on the Horizon

The fact that Bongo’s Bingo has already seen success all over the world shows just how far-reaching of a concept that the owners have on their hands. It also serves to prove that fun entertainment remains a universal language and with such a unique selling point, it’s surely only a matter of time until Bongo’s Bingo takes over the world. 

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