February 19, 2019

Hot! Gallery French Connection Holiday 2014 : In Which a Sequin Catsuit Feels Right

French Connection Holiday 2014

I have a particularly strong aversion towards catsuits. The curve hugging staple just doesn’t seem practical (onesie, however, are totes okay in my book) and let’s face it takes a very daring woman to pull it off correctly. As you would have guess, I’ve never thought of owning one. However, French Connection is making me question my sanity, because I am considering purchasing the sequin catsuit from the holiday collection. It looks so good as does the rest of the collection. Highlights include end-of-year cocktail appropriate cocktail dresses for just about every type of gal. It also include some pretty fancy sequin shorts. It also includes sensible pants that look great.

Take a peek at the collection. What do you think?

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